Money vs Currency

Money vs. Currency, these are two different concepts that are often mistaken to mean the same thing. Although these terms are used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference in their meanings that, once grasped, can change your life-long earning potential.

“Congratulations You’ve Won the Lottery!”

Money vs Currency Jackpot
Lottery Jackpots getting bigger, winners become bankrupt

People use their hard-earned money to religiously purchase Lottery tickets with hopes that, by chance, one day their number will hit the Jackpot! We all know, “if you ain’t in it, you can’t win it.” People bet a small amount of money (money that collectively builds a jackpot worth now billions of dollars) for a chance to score a huge windfall. Is gambling in this way a sustainable practice for the long-run? 

Who are the people purchasing these Lottery tickets? These are average workers earning a modest paycheck doing what’s necessary to survive and have a decent life. This is why the Lottery is so attractive; for many, dreams and aspirations can finally be pursued “when I win the Lottery”. What is the answer for living the life of your dreams? I feel it lies in understanding the differences in Money vs. Currency.

Statistics show 70% of Lottery Winners or people who receive any substantial windfall end up bankrupt within 3-5 years. Why? One reason is because the devil is in the details, and most Lottery winnings are absorbed in taxes. The second and most important reason is because winners usually do not understand the concept of  “currency”. 

The way we make our money (through employment or entrepreneurship for example) is the tool that creates a flow of income. This “flow” of income is what we consider currency. Currency is not money. Money is a tool or resource. Currency represents the way in which this resource (money) flows in the directions we choose, either multiplying or decreasing in availability.

What is Currency?

“a system of money where the fact and quality is accepted at a time when it is used or in operation.”

The root word of currency is current. What is a current?

  • A body of water or air moving in a definite direction
  • A flow of electricity that results from ordered directional movement
  • A quantity representing the rate of flow

When we hear people discuss “multiple streams of income”, what does this mean? So many people chase multiple streams without dealing with their conditioning around money. We are conditioned to either fear money or fear not having enough money. We have been miseducated about finance. Our parents passed down limiting beliefs about how to earn an income without depending on a job. My intention here is not to speak against employment, I am not promoting everyone quitting their job, however, when you are working to make money it is essential to look at the money you make as a tool for creating a greater flow of cash in your life. Use the money to generate currency. This is achieved by putting the money you earn in a position to generate more money.

If we change the conditioning around money and begin seeing it as an abundant resource capable of generating even more money, multiple streams will naturally be created by structures we put into place – flowing in the directions we want these streams to go. Whether someone believes these ideas or not, we are constantly creating some form of terrain for our money to flow or lack in flow. 

Consider a stream that flows in the direction the Earth has produced over time. Now, imagine this natural water source being dammed-up because someone wants all the natural resources for themselves. As a result, they create lack for others down the river who depend on the same water source to flow in their direction. You see countries in ruin behind water resources being privatized and polluted. 

I want us to look at money similar to how we view the water source previously mentioned – as a stream, flowing in a planned direction. This is what we call currency. When we infuse the spirit of viewing Currency as Energetic Flow, it will help fuel our dreams, aspirations, and purpose for being in this world by attracting the funds necessary for the manifestation of these visions. Even if that “purpose” is creating a sustainable cash-flow so you are living your best life after retirement, or leaving a legacy for your children to sustain themselves generations after you are gone. 

In order to achieve this, we must also teach our children how to respect and flow with currency so they will not only sustain their inheritance but grow their legacy wealth, in mindset and finances, to care for their children and grandchildren for generations to come. We must change the cycle and break generational curses together by Doing and Being different, starting right now!

Ujamaa – Collective Economics.
We demonstrate building our own businesses,
controlling the economics of our own community,
and sharing in all its works and wealth

Nguzo Saba 4th Principle of Kwanzaa

Detroit Dream IS… committed to shifting the focus from money to a mindset of creating an Energetic Flow of currency. We do this while supporting our communities and putting tools in place for them to thrive in these uncertain but promising economic times. One of those tools is our exclusive, membership-based group, the Lotus Bud Collective (LBC). LBC is a virtual platform where we focus on practicing Black Economic Culture. In the Spirit of the Nguzo Saba 4th Principle of Kwanzaa – Ujamaa, translated as Collective Economics. We embody Collective Economics by building our own businesses, and controlling the economics of our own communities while sharing in all its works and wealth.

Click on the image below to view a brief video recap from our members-only meeting where you can learn more about our Detroit Dream Team, the LBC mission and philosophy.

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