Detroit Dreams Investment Solutions Giving Tuesday

Detroit Dream Investment Solutions (DDIS) was founded to participate in the resurgence of Detroit, as “America’s Comeback City”. Real estate transactions has been the #1 factor as a way to protect communities and grow generational wealth.

Through the added challenges that our economy faces due to the global impact of COVID-19 in 2020, we have persevered with hard work and dedication to procure our marquee investment property. Located on the west side of Detroit, just inside of the historic University District this is our flagship turnkey investment model as a strategy for revitalization of distressed neighborhoods

DDIS three pillars of community development is Property, People, and Place. To celebrate our property milestone, we are highlighting our community partners this Giving Tuesday

We ask you to co-create the future of Black Economic Culture by donating $75, $50, or $25 to CHAMP Nation, Intentions for Wellness, and B.Y.E. (Black Youth Enrichment). These organizations are nationwide mobilized to eliminate insecurity in Housing, Health and wellness, as well as providing resources for the empowerment of Black Youth, who are the future of our communities.

If you believe that these missions are necessary and important for our community, please consider this one time donation as a worthy contribution in the expansion of facilities, programming capacity, and real life impact. 

Each donation will be split equally among our community partners to help them reach their full potential and sustain through these turbulent economic times. Your support in our shared core values makes a lasting impact NOW that reverberates as community-cooperation.

Thanks for your Giving Tuesday contribution TODAY!

Your support for our shared values of PropertyPeople, and Place is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season 2020!